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We LOVE Election Years!

It’s a great thing to be an Iowan any year, but I absolutely love the added attention Iowa gets around the caucuses and all those repeat stops from presidential hopefuls on the campaign trail. I also think it’s a great thing when campaigns choose to buy local! So, we’d like to thank Joe Biden campaigners for choosing Mama Mia’s to feed 100 at a training they held this evening. Yes, we’re closed on Monday evenings, but like I mentioned in my previous post, we will always try to accommodate a special event during off hours if we’re able. Teresa called just this morning and said she needed to feed 100 for a training at 7 o’clock. Challenge accepted! She decided salads and pizzas were perfect and ordered a variety of siganture and one topping pizzas. We even had a vegan pizza request! Which we can totally do when asked! I remembered that last minute and made sure we had some vegan salads made (no cheese or pepperoni). So, thanks again, #IowaForBiden campaign for thinking local! Whose campaign training can we cater next?

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