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A sunny Saturday and an all day meeting calls for pizza!

As most of you know, we’re closed on Saturdays until 5. Which is usually when we run our weekly errands, do updates at the pizza place or just plain relax. Every once in a while, we’ll get a call asking if we can cater on a Saturday and I don’t think we’ve ever had to say no. In fact, we LOVE Saturday lunch catering opportunities! And, that’s just what happened yesterday when Kyrie from Bankers Trust called asking if we could feed 70 this noon for lunch. We discussed her options and how many pizzas would feed her office. I suggested adding a salad to mix it up a little, which also reduced the amount of pizzas they needed. Kyrie’s situation was a bit unique because she wasn’t sure if they were going to have to stay through lunch, so we worked something out for her to let us know asap. We usually like to know at least a few days ahead just in case we need to order something in or ask extra staff to come in. We can do anything from pasta to pizza when it comes to catering, so think of us this holiday season when you need to feed your staff, or even for those holiday parties at home or the office!

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